inspiring hope in deadbeat postgrads everywhere

Came across a great article on my Facebook feed today, a NY times article on a girl accidentally landing a dream job in Manhattan! Whew… it can happen.

Link: She Went for Broke, and Found a Job

Is there a difference between half-court shots and half-ass shots? Maybe I’m searching in all the wrong places. Whatever the case, I’m getting really good at sending cover letter emails…

Today, I visited Mikkeller Bar for probably the fifth time, trying to get a physical copy of my resumé and a passport picture in the hands of the bar manager. They said if I already emailed it over, they were fine…. too eager? Probably.

After working in an upscale restaurant for the past two weeks (posts to follow, very soon), I know that where I want to be is on the bar side. Specifically, for pouring beer. OK, yes it seems after shooting so high for the past few months for jobs in media, business, public relations, etc., setting a goal of securing a job at a bar looks like I’ve given up.

But, strangely, nothing about a career path in the beer industry really sounds wrong to me. After poking around on Mikkeller’s blog and spending enough time (and money) at their bar and talking to a few of the bartenders, I’ve gotten really excited and can’t help but get my hopes up for a potential job. Mikkeller has been extremely successful with gypsy brewing and is now famous for it. The company emanates such a personality, which I love, the bar on Viktoriagade is super cozy (hyggeligt!) and each beer is unique (brewed with oysters, brewed in tequila barrels, brewed with coffee, it goes on) and so damn good. It’s the perfect place to be. Working here seems very right, at least for right now.

It’s not like the idea of working in brewing came up yesterday, either. I don’t really remember when I got really into the idea of working in beer sales, but I know it had to do with reading witty Lagunitas labels, pouring for Stone Brewing Co. (ARROGANT BASTARD ALE... how I miss you) at Davis Beerfest towards the end of senior year, and doing lots of studying for FST 3: Beer and Brewing at 3rd and U over 2/$5.25 pints of Lagunitas IPA (god I love Davis).

Ave and I pouring lots and lots of fantastic beer at Davis Beerfest 2012… oh good times.

This girl was very right when she said that there was no ‘right path.’ More than that, there’s no ‘right starting point.’ So, Copenhagen, you’ve already provided me with a starting point. Let’s just hope it leads to somewhere.

vi ses,



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