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daily prompt: b+

From the Daily Post:

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

here goes.

A Standard Copenhanish Weekend

Overall grade: B. Mellow types would like this one. However, at some points it is painfully ordinary. It had its interesting and exciting moments, but perhaps the biggest difference between this weekend and the ones from good ol’ Davis that it has to live up to is the nature of connections. The experience is much more of a solo project, whereas the a standard Davis weekend would have been overflowing with almost excessively enthusiastic participation.The background members this weekend are closed off, uncommunicative, and stick to their own thing. There’s little support for a full sound and their harmonic contributions are peripheral at best. They are Danish.

Still, this solo project has a comfortable rhythm. It’s still a reach, but serves as proof that the expat sound is not as effortless to achieve as it is idealized to be.


Weekend liner notes.


Track 1: Play ukulele for hours in clean apartment
A slightly boring but comfortably meditative introduction. Josie recently acquired a silly blue ukulele out of a shop here in the city. It’s cheap and has these nylon strings that go flat every ten minutes, but since it’s so easy to learn, I can now play around fifty super repetitive pop songs after learning just five or so chords.

Track 2: Saturday Night in Norrebro Feat. Couchsurfer
When we were Couchsurfing in Stockholm, we met an environmental/arctic studies student from Muenster, Germany, who was headed up to Kiruna for a course, then traveling around Scandinavia afterwards. Josie and I offered to let her crash at our place when she came through Copenhagen on the way home, so boom, our first Couch-hosting experience! I’ve been thinking a ton about travel karma recently after having been robbed twice, so figure hosting needy randoms can only help get it to shift back in my favor.


That night, Simone and I took a walk down to Elmegade, which is probably my favorite part of our neighborhood, and only five minutes away on foot- trendy boutiques (obscenely expensive, so just for window shopping), cafes, a brewhouse, plenty of cocktail bars, and a craft beer pub. We stopped first at Olbaren and ordered a Danish IPA brewed with Belgian yeast and a Weissbier (three guesses who ordered what) for 50 kr each, then moved to Barking Dog for cocktails… a Titanic Negroni (“simply campari with an ever-changing mixture of gins and sweet vermouths blended in a wooden barrel, left alone to let mother nature do her work”) and a Hair of the Dog (just a damn good bloody mary).

Simone had just been to see the Northern Lights for the first time, so we spent most of the evening talking about huskies, snow, winter wonderlands, and the reasons for the Northern Lights in terms of science. We sat next to three Danish guys who Simone insisted would have talked to us if they were German. Yes, if they were anything but Danish, they probably would have talked to us after sitting shoulder to shoulder at the same table for an hour. I lied blatantly to a waitress about my cocktail experience in an ever-futile attempt to get a part-time job. Finished our short but expensive bar crawl with the usual #43, kylling og palak pita, from Five Star.

Track 3: Mellow Sunday
Josie left for Bayreuth for a course with her lab in the morning. After seeing her off, I passed out again until noon (standard). Took Simone to the pole studio for a mix level session, then journeyed into city center to get a huge serrano ham salad at Paludan. Simone departs at this point to visit Christiania while I stay at the cafe to read for a few hours and to watch a couple get frisky next to me for about 45 minutes. You only see PDA in places where there are international students.

Track 4: Tom Kha at Last
The amazing thing about living in Norrebro is that there are Middle Eastern grocery stores on every block, meaning Asian stores aren’t even necessary. I let Simone loose on my Pinterest food board until she settled on coconut lemongrass soup with chicken (tom kha gai). We were able to find everything by just walking around the corner… kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, fish sauce, and red chiles. Coincidentally this stuff is super super cheap! The resulting soup was damn good, better than some I’ve had in Thai restaurants. We made so much I still have leftovers, all for under twenty bucks.
Track 5: Morgenmad
We woke up early to get to Mokkariet for breakfast before leaving, and shared the Morgenmad (breakfast  with two poached eggs, spices, a roll, cheese, jam, and butter) with a slice of berry tart and a chai. Pretty awesome, but still, I enjoy breakfast the American way. Lots of eggs over crispy toast with bacon and some Tapatio sauce.
Track 6: Standard
Simone caught a train back to her home in Germany after breakfast. What to do with the apartment to myself? Wasted several hours on Pinterest, thought of ways to stay warm, thought about going to the yarn store again to buy some more awesome yarn, realized I still don’t have a debit card and even if I did cannot really afford to buy things like yarn even if it will help keep my ears from getting frostbite. Ate a few bowls of soup. Played uke again for two more hours. Considered reading and decided against it.  Considered working and decided against it. 


This is just hibernation for Californians.



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phoneless in copenhagen, what else is new


This is now my life:


I feel a little less (relatively!) taken advantage of this time since it wasn’t swooped out from under my face, and it always could be worse. A girl I know once had all her hair chopped off on a street corner. But now, my European phones now have an average life span of two months.

Upcoming post: how to hunt gypsies and pillage their camps. If you’re curious, they hang out in packs in Ørstedsparken. Beware, most of them smell terrible.

vi ses,




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