intimkoncert 14 juni: anna valgreen @ RETRO Nørrebro

RETRO Nørrebro is happy to be hosting Danish singer-songwriter Anna Valgreen for her debut this Friday as a solo artist. A soulful vocalist and prolific songwriter, Anna is excited to bring her individual talent to the singer-songwriter scene in Copenhagen, and we are excited to showcase her!

“I have around 520 songs on my computer just from over the last three or so years,” she said. “ I’ve been writing songs for so long, I figured I had to do something about it.”


Valgreen, 25, comes from a music-oriented family and started singing in a band when she attended music school as a teenager. She then moved from her hometown of Fredericia to Århus, where she and her friends started an electro band.

“It was weird! It’s not something I would do today, but it was definitely what felt right at the time.”

Today, Anna’s folk/rock sound has come into its own. Her work is raw, vulnerable, and always spontaneous. Rather than spending hours in the studio perfecting individual tracks, she prefers to play on a whim, record everything, and upload what she likes to YouTube. Her songwriting approach is often varied; half of the time she writes lyrics before the melody, the other half of the time she writes the melody before the lyrics. While the latter allows her to take the song in whichever emotional direction feels right at the time, Anna acknowledged that she often returns to one theme.

“I can write in both a very good mood and a very bad mood, but most of the time [the lyrics] turn depressive,” she said. “I never start writing intending to spend a lot of time on a certain subject, it just happens.”

“For example, ‘My House’ is very personal,” Anna continued, when asked if she had a song that she was particularly proud of. “I didn’t write anything before it, just started recording. It’s about my childhood, and about how you never really move on. But I don’t know if it’s really about my [physical] house… it’s just about the place I used to be-mentally, and physically.”

As far as her musical muses, Anna listens to Nick Cave, Cat Power, Juliana Hatfield, The Lemonheads, Sparklehorse, Diane Izzo, Johanne Robertson, and Elliot Smith for inspiration. Although, given the tools of self-made musicians today, you may be able to find Anna among the ranks of these artists soon.

“Right now I’m just on SoundCloud and on YouTube, but my next step is Spotify, and then, to eventually record an LP,” she said.

Although Anna enjoys writing and performing in Danish, the majority of her repertoire is in English. So, my fellow Americans- see you there.

Anna’s show starts at 20:30 tomorrow night (Friday) at Jægerborggade 14, 2200. And just a reminder- the profits from all that beer you buy will go straight towards the RETRO Association’s projects in Sierra Leone, including KONO, Dreamtown, and REACT. Start your Friday night off the right way!

vi ses i morgen aften (fordi nu kan jeg tale lidt dansk, wuuuuhuuu)!



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